Celebrating the 2014 4th July with Pride and Joy

Celebrating the 2014 4th July with Pride and Joy
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The 4th of July is not just a date, to us the citizens of United States. It is a moment, which brought pride, glory and recognition, to our lives. It is the day associated with the past, which a citizen of United States can never forget. The 4th July 1776 was the special moment, when United States declared its independence.

Independence Day 2014

Independence Day 2014

The struggle towards independence

The British Empire was dominating the world. They had established a colonial rule on the Americans. With their stringent policies, the freedom was just round the corner. British Empire tried to exploit the Americans, to extract maximum benefits from them, in terms of resources and work. But, it was not to be sustained for long. The American Revolution was enough to drive out the British rulers, out of the country.

The country did not look back, from then on. It defended all attacks and formed the strongest democracy of the world. The Federal Government structure allowed decentralization and proper control, at the same time. Proper setup of the rules & regulations, policies, guidelines, etc, is the major reason for the success of the nation.

Recognize sacrifice and enjoy the freedom

The American Revolution was the major contributor, towards the Independence of United States. Many people, who fought for the independence of the nation, were killed mercilessly. It is the day to recognize their sacrifices and our privilege. It is a day to relish the freedom, we enjoy in our lives.

Begin the celebrations

Celebrating the eve of 4th July is always a privilege. People wait for this day, to celebrate the unity and success of the nation. Celebrations are must on this day. People plan for a lot of outdoor events like bonfires, trips, trekking, etc. People also dress up in the colors, which represent the national flag of the United Nations, to show their love and care towards the nation.

The formal celebrations

The day also involves multiple programs and gatherings, which run documentaries of the journey of the nation, so far. All the leaders and politicians take part in some or the other event, relating to the independence and signify their love towards the country. The nation has relished a lot of success and sustained the challenges, to develop as one of the strongest countries of the world.

Join in the celebration

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